Dare To Recover
Dare To Recover
Could be ''A Hero's Journey''
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Dare to Recover is a comprehensive account of my experience as I recovered from the devastating effects of living with and loving someone who has the disease of alcoholism.Dare to Recoverdescribes how cunning, baffl ing, and powerful the disease of alcoholism is and how it affects nonalcoholics like no other disease. Alcoholism is rightly called a family disease, and I have recorded the very challenging, unique, and simple but not easy method of recovery that is available to anyone seeking help. The basic problems and the resulting solutions are common to anyone dealing with alcoholism whether currently or somewhere in the past. My heroic journey through recovery has allowed me to remake my world and have a happy and joyous life, free to be the magnifi cent person I was born to be. Dare to Recover could be what you, the reader, need to finally be able to recover from the devastating effects of alcoholism and to live comfortably with yourself.
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I was born in 1944 in the small southwestern Kansas town of Liberal. I grew up there and graduated from high school and went to college in Greeley, Colorado. I received my BA degree in elementary education at the University of Northern Colorado, then known as Colorado State College, graduating in 1968. I had two of my four children while attending college. I taught sixth grade in the public schools and fourth grade in a private church school in Portland, Oregon, and grades one through four in a private church school in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I had my other two children during this time. After moving a few times, I divorced my husband and shortly thereafter married a potential alcoholic although I was unaware of what an alcoholic was or what alcoholism meant. We moved to Casper, Wyoming, and I taught fi fth grade for twenty-one years, retiring in 1999. Three years into my marriage to the alcoholic, it became clear that I needed help, and I attended a few Al-Anon meetings but did not continue until fifi ve years later. Eventually, I divorced the alcoholic, lived on my own for three years, and am now married to an alcoholic that has been sober for twenty-two years. I have actively attended Al-Anon since 1986 and have sponsored many members during that time. I am currently sponsoring six people who are happily and gratefully growing in recovery from the effects of another person’s alcoholism.

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