Sheltered in the foothills of Southern Indiana, a reclusive woman is pushed to her limits by the savage invasion of ruthless drug dealers
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After living for sixty years in the cabin of her birth, Nelda Pike is as resilient and self-reliant as she needs to be. Like other residents in the backwoods town of Treadwell, she guards her anonymity with a fierce tenacity and a shotgun. When she discovers a terrified young woman stumbling beside the country road, Nelda goes against her better judgment and offers temporary sanctuary. As the only witness to her mother’s brutal murder, seventeen year old Laura is running for her life. Successfully tracking her to Nelda’s secluded cabin, the killers forcibly abduct Laura and disappear into the backwoods. Enraged, Nelda reaches out to her lifelong friend, Wosie Mae - a woman as irascible and indomitable as Nelda herself – for help. Together, two old women with shotguns, and a geriatric hound, are now on the murderer’s trail.
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Born and raised in New Albany, Indiana, Dana lived for sixty years in the four room house her father built when she and her siblings were born. Living on the outskirts of the city limits and within miles of the commonly named Cabin Town, she became familiar with the local legends and lore of those whose personal lives were closely guarded by the hills of southern Indiana. Her father insisted that his daughters and son learn how to take care of themselves. In his eyes, this meant changing oil in the car, gapping sparkplugs, raising animals and becoming marksmen with rifle, pistol and shotgun. “Looks don’t matter when it comes to survivin’,” was one of his saying that is quoted in her story. After working for the City of New Albany Fire Department, she and her husband, Joe Wyzard, an Assistant Fire Chief, retired to Hernando, Florida where she published her first book.
Excellent! Dana brings to life lovable, scruffy characters and keeps the reader not only entertained but intrigued every step of the way! It is a witty, humorous, down to earth tale of two older woman living their simple lives with love and compassion. Mix in a meth lab and a small dose of the supernatural and you've got a novel that you will love to read and reread again and again

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