My Heritage ABC
My Heritage ABC
Volume I
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Sherri Ferguson has DONE IT! Never has anyone been clever enough to capture the attention of each age group in one book, in regards to their heritage. My Heritage ABC has been exceptionally and exquisitely put together educating children in their African and African American history, alphabet’s, reading, colors, numbers, poetry, speeches from great leaders, languages and much , much more. This full color motivational book has managed to capture the beauty of Africa and teach history while children identify with their everyday learning pattern. The dynamic richness it gives in many areas is without question priceless.

The showing of historical and today’s black leaders joined with small biographies will assure that your child gain knowledge of the wonderful people that came be before them, and see the importance of moving forward with dignity and admiration. Her poetry and words of encouragement to the youth is life changing. This book without a doubt will be a collector’s item and may be passed on for generations to come.

Sherri Ferguson is a phenomenal woman, full of life, with a strong intelligence and urgency to share with mankind, life’s compensation of loving others as well as themselves. She has a heart to reach all of mankind in helping them to become conscious of their full potential, and understanding that they are unique, and here in this life for this allotted time for a reason. Raised by a single mom and influenced by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes, growing up Sherri developed a love for speaking and performing in front of crowds at a very young age. Life for Sherri has never been unproblematic, yet through her many challenges in life she has always been capable to stay focused on the positive and perceived her many trials to be development to help others. This former Pre-School Teacher and Certified Medical Biller decided to seize control of her existence in more ways than one. Sherri Ferguson is a poet, play writer, and singer amongst her numerous other talents. She was born and raised in Dallas, TX and is now residing with her two children in Weatherford, TX.

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