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The greed of the Low King Eleazar has begun the war that the prophecy had foretold, planning to usurp the throne of the High King Emery. The centaurs Gunta, Stryder, tries desperately to keep his herds safe and stop Eleazar, but his world gets turned upside down as he takes the role of leader and faces almost constant setbacks. The wood elves, arcane elves, and the fairies have all been on the hunt for the Chest of Erinn, a relic that contains the clues to the oracle and only then can someone stop Eleazar before war begins and death ensues. The land of Rogasia and all who live in it, can only find peace if they can find racial and environmental harmony. Can they find amity between the races and come together to defeat the Low King and his army of mutants?
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Rachael Deragon’s combined love of not just the environment and fantasy but specifically for centaurs, inspired her to write this series for those who enjoy the same centaurian passion and to help others to understand the importance of tolerance of each other, and preservation of our earth. Rachael lives in Wisconsin, on the inspiring, beautiful Lake Superior. She is married, has three boys, and works as a nurse. She lives in the woods on a hobby farm full of chickens, ducks, geese, and a couple troublesome turkeys. She is currently going to college for her BA in Environmental Sciences and strives to one day have a Doctorate in Environmental Studies.

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