A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox
A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox
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During the years of Mexican President Calderone, drug cartels fought pitched battles against other cartels, the police, the army, and the good citizens of Mexico. Kidnappings, murder, threats, and intimidation by drug cartels impinged on every facet of Mexican life. This story of the de la Vega family in Culiacan, the state capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, tells of their struggles with the death of their beloved sister and the courageous brothers who become a force exacting revenge on the Pacific cartel. The family ancestors moved away from Southern California during the 1840’s as the influx of white settlers changed the culture and created certain discriminations against Mexican-Americans. The family legend is the de la Vegas sold out and relocated to Culiacan, Mexico where they quickly established prominence socially and financially. In Culiacan, the whispers are frequently heard of their great wealth and of being descendents of the great Zorro. Eduardo de la Vega, known for his dedication to his community and his patients as a noted benefactor and surgeon, and Teodoro de la Vega, a Jesuit priest, beloved by all who know him, vow to protect their city from the cartel. The de la Vegas act with extraordinary stealth, boldly striking at the cartel. Eduardo de la Vega leads a secret life of retribution abetted by his adopted brother, the business wizard, ‘Flaco’ Salas. This is a tale of adventure, action love, honor, and strength of family despite constant danger and threat.
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Frederick L. Malphurs spent thirty-seven years working for the Department of Veterans Affairs and is the former CEO of the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health Care System. During his career, he received numerous leadership awards and was a Fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives. He transferred thirteen times and performed three long-term details. During two tours in VA’s Central Office in Washington, DC, he was the Veteran Health Care Administration’s Chief Budget Officer and Deputy in Operations. His wife, Robin, is a nurse executive. Fred always dreamed of having the time to write and he retired, he began writing. He has published My Life in the VA: Lessons in Leadership and the novels: Meanie Mouse versus the Orlando Operators: The Adventure Begins, Mexia: A Novel: The Memoirs of J.C. Mulkey, and Spies and Lies: The Paradox. He has also published a play, the Patio Club.

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