Them's My People
Them's My People
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THEM’S MY PEOPLE begins with an 1875 era shenanigan about Ben, an old and poor pioneer who is doing all he can to feed his family, either within or outside the law—mostly outside and how he handles this situation as the authorities chase him. The assorted stories cover several decades reaching into the 1960s. They are vivid, colorful, comic, and tragic; they are full of pain, love, friendship, sin, temptation, and salvation. These people handled their problems and their situations in their own time, in their own way, in their own language, and according to their own customs and integrated patterns of human behavior. They are tough; they are hard hitting.
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Jolene Morgan Boyer left Kentucky at an early age carrying with her a great love of reading plus lots of assorted stories spun by her local family, community, and people of the region. She was greatly interested in seeing the outside world and has followed her dreams by visiting almost all the lower forty-eight states plus several foreign countries. Jolene is most proud of having served her country as a Red Cross field office worker doing armed forces emergency services work at the Long Binh Army Headquarters, Vietnam, 1969-70. However, no matter where she lived or where she roamed, those early childhood stories never left her soul. Finally, Jolene decided to take another leap of faith to muster the fortitude and confidence to begin writing down these tales and yarns plus developing a few of her own. Thus, she attended several Appalachian writers’ workshops at the Hindman Settlement School, Hindman, KY, where her soul was rekindled and courage instilled to begin composing Them’s My People. Jolene lives in Southern Indiana where she continues to keep an astute ear tuned since a few of these stories have origins in this colorful area.

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