God's Many Blessings
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It was then that he carried me, is about the many trials faced while being someone looked at as different in today's society. A child burned at the age of three months old having to go through life seeing more hospitals than the normal child. Later in life dealing with the many issues any normal person without scars have dealt with in their lives. Financial difficulties, marital issues, and yet holding on to faith in God. Through much prayer and strong belief you can conquer anything that comes up against you. This will help you in prayer and much struggling in the physical, mental and spiritual realm. I pray that you enjoy this and find that what I have written you can relate to and heal from. It was then that he carried me shows you that while I was stirring around in my mess, blessings was knocking at the door, deliverance was waiting to carry me through the dark days, healing was curing all that ailed me, and God never left me alone. He allowed my enemies to be my foot stool. Remember many of those who yell out ABBA FATHER are not really seeking his presence, they sometimes want his glory for themselves and that includes what you accomplish for yourself. Many who say they want you to succeed really want to see you fail thats why I stand on God's word at all times. God will never fail you; man will.
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Born under the name Felicia Ann Chisolm to Wesley Chisolm Jr. II and Veronica Gadson, both of whom were native islanders from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. She is the youngest of all her sister's. Which includes three older sister's and two brother's one of which is younger than her. Felicia's father died in 1986. Her mother later remarried in 1991 to a John Henry Christopher where she gained two stepsister's and one stepbrother. Felicia's life changed as she was a helpless baby lying in her crib resting. A fire was set which burned the family home down. This fire was purposely set by her own uncle. Her father's brother, over an argument he had with Felicia's father. Life changed for her as she endured much surgeries, skin graph's and hospital stays. It was a trying time for the whole family, but God saw fit that Felicia was surrounded by a family which cared for her and loved her through it all, their lives changed also having to protect a child with third degree burns. Some who did not know Felicia ridiculed her yet there were not many, because everyone knew each other and cared for each other. We were all one big family on the island. She went to school along with her siblings while going through the many hospital stays. During her younger years she enjoyed life as though she had no scars. Had many friends and went through many trials like any other normal humanbeing went through; of course we all have trials, but those who went through much of what Felicia has can relate to her self confidence and endurance. Felicia married at an early age believing that he was her true love. It was far from the truth. She was a product of domestic violence, and mental abuse. Yet she wasn't like most victims she faught back instead of allowing him to hit on her or take away her self confidence. Her fondest memory was everytime they would fight he would call her burn up and no man would ever want her, but God put an inner strength in her that kept her from destruction. She divorced and vowed that she would never marry again. In 1996 she turned her life back over to God even though she was raised in Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church she went on to join Greater Pentecostal Temple under the leadership of Dr. Deloris M. Young. She later went onto marry Henry Early and out of that unity came two beautiful girls and a step son. Felicia has always trusted in God in all things even when it seems he is not around she yet places him first in all that she does because in the end victory stands out. This book was written for many of you who see no way out of your dark world. Who see only the physical and not the spiritual. Your inner beauty and strength will bring you a long way. God saved you for a reason and made you different for a reason. It's up to you to live everyday as though it were your last and seek what he has set aside for all of us to accomplish before we are laid to eternal rest. She longs to help those who went through much of what she did not only those with burn scars, but those who had to deal with marriage difficulties, spiritual warfare, financial battles and trying to maintain sanity through much trial. May God bless you and keep you all from walking down the wrong path stay the course and see the salvation of the Lord.

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