Beef'n-Up Your Dinner Plate
Beef'n-Up Your Dinner Plate
Unlocking the mystery of the beef counter Learn the simple techniques of cooking tender and delicious beef every time
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While doing research for this book I was at the meat counter of a local grocery store when two ladies walked up and started to look for some steaks. They kept picking up and setting down selection after selection. One lady said to the other, “There’s just too many cuts with the name steak on them. I don’t know which ones are good for grilling”. Her friend said, “This one looks good, but it’s really thick”. Picking up another selection she stated, “This one is a lot thinner, but it’s too big, I think we want individual steaks”. One of the ladies asked if I worked there. I said, “No but I can help you”. I explained what steaks would be best for grilling and would give them a juicy tender steak. They left with their selection, looking forward to grilling great steaks. Don’t let the beef counter be a mystery to you anymore! Beef is an expensive part of your grocery budget. BEEF’N-UP your Dinner Plate will give you the confidence to make a meat selection, and explore many new dishes.
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Chef David L. Bishop graduated from Johnson & Wales Culinary School in 1980. He has worked in a variety of restaurants and institutional food service operations. He has been a restaurant owner, caterer and a Culinary Arts Instructor. His passion is to teach others about the wonderful world of cooking.

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