Poetry for 24 Hours
Poetry for 24 Hours
E-Book (available as ePub and Mobi files) What's This
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8, Soul/Spiritual/Prayers/Play/God
16, Mind/Mental/Politics/Work/Truth
24, Body/Physical/Passion/Sleep/Love

Frank Craven was a popular Broadway playwright/actor of the 20’s & 30’s. His grandson, by the same name, continues the heritage with political comedies that have generated funds and conscience for GreenPeace (4 Chats & 1 Loup, National Vanity vs. Natural Sanity), Amnesty International (Authority Versus Majority) and other moral comedies in verse, IE: Right versus Righteous &/or The Clothes “Make” The Man (I & II). See cmm.itgo or www.frankcraven.com. In 1968, his parents had it with the USA (JFK, RFK, MLK, Vietnam...) and moved to (Fascist) Spain where his dad (John) taught drama at the American Institute and Franky became acutely aware of life in a dictatorship, not only from Generalisimo Franco but the various Latin American refugees who fled from torture and turmoil. Frank’s patriotism inspires him to write epic poems (in verse) that denounce corruption & injustice. Influenced by Ruben Dario, Ramon Campoamor & Goethe. He’s a professional actor that also sketches cartoons, paints in oils and plays a mean harmonica and a dandy flamenco/blues guitar. View a few of Mr. Cravens plays at the NYC Theater on Tape Archive at Lincoln Center Library. An AFTRA SAG AEA member; professional actor since 1979. He has a book out (via www.amazon.com) called: 2 COMEDIES ON “GOD” (TWO SCRIPTS HE PRODUCED TWICE) and has produced an (award winnig) weekly public access TV show in Manhattan since 1998 Webstreamed; www.mnn.org, called: WHAT’S AILING/HEALING US AMERICA? WA/HA? A crybaby’s patriotic wail to ask/answer as a right/duty. Franky is also a psychic/medium (Attending séances, reading parapsychology books) studied at Lillydale, NY & Arthur Findley College –platform reading- in UK. He is an interfaith licensed reverend minister, in the order of Melchizadek, Studied years with Gloria Grayson, Assisted musically Ron Fredericks and is a 7 rays master/archivist, PachaMama Alliance producer, ECO SOC UN NGO delegate for CAPAJ, indigenous people of the Andes, honorary conch caller/firetender www.paeceanddignityjourneys.org He works privately and is (VP.& board member) of the www.sacredlightfellowship.org
It is a bi-lingual artistic amusing journey beyond normal limits of imagination and spirituality/progressive politics...
I gaze upon this book in fascination as I've tooled with the manuscript for over 20 years now I see it finally in published form and rejoice/relax after an long journey with the book in hand as a dandy bedtime companion...however the floodgates are now opened up and it inspires me to write/illustrate/translate a whole new book of poetry...Gee Willikers Mr. SmartyPants!
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