Transformation for Trauma
Transformation for Trauma
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Cassaundra Davis-Bunkley -"Transformation for Trauma" - takes the reader on a journey "into the inner process" of recovery from the emotional darkness, despair and feelings of hopelessness that accompany traumatic experiences. Utilizing personal experiences, professional knowledge and spiritual insights she draws the reader into a place of personal reflection and self-discovery. The butterfly, a familiar insect admired for its beauty and gracefulness forms the basis of this detailed writing. She uses its stages of growth to demonstrate that though slow the process maybe -a life worth living and sharing can emerge. It is an unfolding that she calls an exchange. Cassaundra provides the reader with hope and reassurance that gradually- within the midst of hurt- personal insights and revelations with a cutting away of that which hinders recovery will surface giving way to healing and freedom from the devastation and debilitating condition bought on by trauma. A timely book!

- Annie B. Wilder, Ph.D. Author, Clinical Christian Counselor, Pastor, Educator

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Cassaundra Davis-Bunkley is an ordained minister, social worker, and presenter within the United States on biblical topics. She has two master’s degrees from the UCONN School of Social Work and Yale Divinity School. In addition, she has a doctor of ministry degree from Friends International Christian University. Cassaundra is passionate about teaching individuals how to live life to the fullest and walk in their God-ordained purpose and destiny. Cassaundra was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in Connecticut. She is the mother of six adult children and a grandmother of thirteen grandchildren.

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