Just Another Gulliver and His Travels
Just Another Gulliver and His Travels
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This book tells the story of a young Englishman’s voyage through life. He never experienced love from his mother. As he grew up, he discovered so many lies and deceit. He was denied the opportunity to hold his paternal father. A hug would have fulfilled a dream. He was also cheated from the dream by his aunt. He discovered a half sister in America when he was thirty-three and never connected with his brother; they drifted apart. He was hit by an angry uncle who was his mentor. He was cheated and lost a business that had the makings of a huge success. Foolishly, he allowed good times to override the serious side of life. Thus, he lost his wife, his children, and his beautiful home. A caravan on a farm became his sanctuary, stealing vegetables to survive. He rose from the wilderness and ran with the wind, breaking hearts as he traveled over and through other countries. Later, he married for a bet in a foreign country and soon divorced, only to marry again to an American Christian who emptied his bank account. She left him homeless and penniless. His family and friends discovered he would rise from the ashes and run again. He enjoyed many women; they enjoyed him. Working hard all his life gave him some lovely rewards. He endeavored to enjoy life to the fullest and make friends wherever he went. Finally, at age fifty-eight, he settled down, having found happiness in the Midwest of America. This is the story of how I transformed from a wild young lad to a very content older man.
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Patrick was born in a southwest county in England. As he grew the one thing that he did was work hard and played hard. Always making friends and leaving his mark. He drank his way around Europe breaking hearts and enjoying many fruits of his labour. Woman were his drug as was the desire to find happiness. Oppertunitys came his way and he gave his all to earn money and continue his path through life Never one to turn away from a fight but, kind enough to never start one. There were struggles that pulled him to the floor, there was an inner strength that helped him defy the odds. Work took him to Denmark and he lived there for 12 years. He then left for America the very land his unknown father is buried. He finally found peace in the midwest
This book made me laugh and cry. What a moving story of a remarkable man and his journey of life.
Jean Schulze 

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