Two Lives Up on the Hill
Two Lives Up on the Hill
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The story of Marie Cameron and Tom O’Leary whose lives are lived in the beautiful village of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Marie, a lawyer, lives a quality and privilege life. Tom, a carpenter, lives a plain and simple life. Their combined stories make for an unforgettable tale that spans 40 years.
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John J. Riley is a retired piano restorer and merchant, having run his piano business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for fifty-seven years. He is a widower, the father of six children and grandfather of seven. After his retirement, he has written and published four books. Two Lives is his fifth effort. Mr. Riley’s writings have an element of yesteryear, of glorious memories of times and places of a gentle world. His characters evoke our memories of people we have and can identify with, ever so human, doing their best to survive in a hard and rude world. One of the top literacy critics wrote of Mr. Riley’s work, His work leaves much to be desired to good writing construction etc. But I find myself absolutely fascinated by his stories and his characters. He does possess the gift of Irish story telling. I look forward to his writings in spite all of his literacy faults.

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