Danes are Great!
Danes are Great!
Follow the Adventures of Brando and Kruger
Casebound Hardcover
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This first, in a series of five, books invites child and parent alike to join Brando and Kruger in locales and situations that are fun and uplifting, taking the everyday and making it an adventure.

The reader is drawn in by these regal dogs with their fresh, loveable, savvy demeanors, and taken along in their experiences.

Residing in Long Island, New York, Brando and Kruger, along with their caretaker Joseph, are known and loved by the shop owners, the locals, the tourists, and of course, the communities' children. With delightfully lush illustrations and a subtle principle or two, join in and follow the adventures of Brando and Kruger!

Hello, I'm Victor, and this is my premier foray into the world of children's books. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where I was fortunate enough to happen upon Brando, Kruger, and Ruby. Becoming their caretaker changed my life. Our adventures over the years, along with my desire for quality parent/child time and the need for children to enjoy reading early on, drove me to write this book-with four others still to come. So come along with Brando and Kruger on adventures that will enliven your imagination while learning some fundamental reading skills. Perhaps you'll conjure up a story of your own. Enjoy!
This book is adorable. Young children enjoy it because it is short, the poetry meter is slightly offbeat, and the pictures are very colorful and attractive.
Benjamin Costa 

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