Miss Lilly The Cute Little Llama
Miss Lilly The Cute Little Llama
The Cute Little Llama
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Book Description: This story is about the birth of a baby Llama, how the Farmer and his wife care for the Llama and the love you can get from them.
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About the Author: Shirley Ann Alpers is married to Jim for 39 years. They have three adult children, Joe, Julie, Jennifer and two grandchildren Holden and Elsa. Shirley has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years, always wanting to write a children's book. She lives on a farm With her husband and 25 chickens, 2 miniature Donkeys, 3 miniature Goats, 11 pigs, 3 Llamas, 3 house cats and one house dog named Molly. It was the birth of the baby llama that she decided to write this book. Animals can teach people a lot of things, one just has to pay attention and watch. Animals love unconditionally- you feed and take care of them, they will LOVE YOU BACK!! Illustrator: Jo Ann Inman is a artist working in multi-media for over 40 years. She is a member ofand supports Decorative Artists Association. She has taught acrylic painting for over 20 years and is a "Helping Artist for Deco Art. She is also a Registered Nurse, living in their Family home { 3rd generation} with her husband and several rescue Cats or whatever animal comes to their door, All colors in this book are from Deco Art.

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