There Is Another Life!
There Is Another Life!
Life after physical death - Life after spiritual death
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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"There Is Another Life!" is a compelling and revealing journey of a mothers encounter with signs and wonders beyond the scope of imagination. It answers the hard questions we ask, after the loss of a child and or love ones. It will give hope to the hopeless and strength to those without strength.

It is a true in depth experience of a woman after being plunged into a place of grief, sorrow and devastating despair, only to rise to a place of hope, understanding and reconciliation knowing the truth concerning life after death, both spiritual death and physical death, after tragic murder of her only son.

Engulfed in darkness, shattered in pieces my heart slivered I was propelled into a dark and dreary grave, but through this miraculous journey from victim to victor to victory. I've seen a glimpse into another life changed my life forever. "Grief no longer holds me captive."

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About the Author Mattie Cody is the Founder and President of the WFC Foundation Inc. a nonprofit organization established to provide grief recovery and support counseling to parents and siblings of murdered and deceased children. She is a devout Christian and servant of God. She is the mother of Watanabe Cody and she knows devastation first hand after losing him to murder. Her strength and faith she attributes only to God who is and always shall be her source of healing. Call or email today to book her for your next inspirational event. See and hear what God has done in her life after such devastating loss. 404-993-5729

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