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Black Bubble Gum is written primarily for people who live in inner city communities. The purpose behind writing a book with this kind of context is simply to inspire people in ghettos across the world,and to show that written art can be created out of any life circumstance. William A. Gonzalez writes pieces like Black Bubble Gum, which paints a bloody scene from the view of a piece of bubble gum stuck onto a public sidewalk. This book includes authentic poetry biographies that replace generations of generic stanzas with soul driven pieces for people who have lost their lives to public street violence. It also includes inspirational poems for youth and unity pieces for future humanity. The splattering of ink on this book finishes with a section filled with a variety of quotes.

“Black Bubble Gum penetrates souls with a new flavor of written literature.”
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William A. Gonzalez is a Salvadoran American poet- short story writer, who paints pictures through writing for people who face real life poverty stricken struggles. William was born into what’s still considered a poor transient sector of the Westlake/ Pico Union District Los Angeles California. He navigated through a wave of violence in the 1980’s 1990’s that most sheltered folks wouldn’t believe. Gangs, crime- drug and poverty stricken communities enriched his soul with vivid memories that he uses as tools today to create authentic street literary work. William gives the American- Worldwide people the ability to read authentic ghetto short stories that reflect truth. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading inside a web full of a combination of sticky unedited ghetto literature. “I don’t write for you, nor do I write for myself, I scribe words for them.”

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