The Piano Tuner's Daughter
The Piano Tuner's Daughter
My Bestfriend
Casebound Hardcover
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Ingrid Silvian has written a memorable story for children that will help them understand what it was really like to live through events of WWII, how children just like them adapt and survive. Through vignettes in the lives of two young girl friends, one Jewish, one Christian, we experience how everything changed when the Nazis came. Silvian provides a child's eye view of war, both mundane and profound – a shift from marbles to shrapnel as the treasure of choice; racing to catch the last train carrying evacuees out of the city – and ultimately, who was saved and who was sacrificed.

At a time when many of the first hand witnesses of this chilling chapter of history are passing away, Silvian's story provides a valuable link that reaches across generations that will live on in the hearts and minds of a new generation of children.

Pam Spence, editor, Ohio Jewish Chronicle, Columbus, OH

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Ingrid was born in Solingen, Germany in 1930. She and her mother moved to Cologne when she was 4 years old, where she grew up. During the last couple of years of WWII, they stayed in East Germany to escape the bombings. Ingrid came to the US in 1953 as a war bride with her one year old daughter. In later life, she published essays on social issues under Beacon Press (Boston) and others, as well as a monthly column for the SENIOR TIMES of Columbus Ohio for ten years, where she made her home for the last thirty-three years. Ingrid has lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Azores Islands. She has three daughters and one grandson.
Silvian's handsome book is a pleasure to read. She takes us into the sanctuary of a German childhood inw artime, and into the special friendship of two girls in those circumstance. They play in a world of rubble and shrapnel, and tuneless pianos, but through the chaos of war the lovely melody of the friendship of these children persist for us.
Raymond Fitch 
This touching story demonstrates how the strength of childhood friendship can endure an adult world filled with hatred, prejudice, and abomination. Silvian's reminiscence is written in an easy-to-understand style for both young listeners and readers.
Alice Felts 

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