The Good King
The Good King
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Long, long, long ago When pirates sailed the seas There was a rascal His name was Patch "That's CAP'N Patch, if you please!" Now ol' Cap'n Patch was a typical pirate He would drink and steal and swear "But now it's time to be nice and find a home "Where folks are kind and fair!" "My Mum was right," the Cap'n said "A pirate's life is bad! "It's not nice to be a crook "And steal what others have!" "If only I could find a place "A country I could stay. "But what kind of king would let a pirate in? "THAT would be the day!" Just then Patch heard a wiggle Coming from the chest! He opened the box And there they were! "Oh boy! Now HERE'S a mess!" In the chest were stowaways! In fact, they were two kids! "Howdy, Cap'n! We're Flip and Flop! "Thanks for flipping our lid!" "We have no Moms "We have no Dads. "We thought we'd take a trip! "We hitched a ride and came to town "And then we found your ship!" "We're out to sea! We can't go back!" Patch shaded his eyes and looked "But if I'm caught with you two squids "My goose is REALLY cooked!" Then Patch had an idea! "I know what we will do! "I'm very sure that this will work "I've thought it through and through!" "We all need a home, we do "Let's stick together, us three! "You squids both need a Mum and Dad "And I just want to be free!" "So if we find a kindly king "Who will let a pirate in "I bet that he will be a king "Who can help you find some kin!"
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A Jewish rabbi once asked, “Why do you call me 'good'?” As a student of world history and cultures, Ronald Wayne Fry has long been fascinated with mankind’s hunger for a strong global leader. Growing up as a Midwest farm boy who later ventured all over North America and China, Ron’s first book explores a search for that one good king. Ron and his wife Christy reside in the beautiful rolling farmlands of northwestern Illinois, and serve in their church’s Kidz ministry. In addition to his family, Ron is nuts about Jesus, airplanes, and the Green Bay Packers.

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