A Quest for the Four Keys in Wonderland
A Quest for the Four Keys in Wonderland
Book One
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An Epic Tale of eroticism, betrayals, magic, some made mythical creatures, heroes, heroines, awaits you. Join the author on her journey in Wonderland & Beyond, for she`ll have you speechless, enchanted and believing you are a main character. The story is set somewhere between the 15th and 16th century, where men were made noble and trouble seemed to have a permanent home for the Highborns.
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Lory La Selva Paduano was born October 27th, 1974, In Montreal Canada. Born to Italian parents she lived both in Canada and Italy. Her love for medieval fiction stems from her childhood when she visited a medieval castle in Celano, Abruzzo, Italy, and her mother’s home town. From the age of 7 an enormous imagination made its way through on paper, both from writing to drawing. Today the author still resides in the suburbs of Montreal with 3 children and her husband, where there at 38 years of age, is still telling her stories and now giving them life, and bringing ``YOU`` the reader a glimpse of her first ever told story on paper.

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