The Unstung Hero
The Unstung Hero
Casebound Hardcover
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Getting stung is no fun. A group of animals passes by a shady tree. One by one, they get stung by a bee. Are the bees as unkind as we think they may be? Can kindness touch their lives? We’ll just have to wait and see. Lou-Lou the mouse is off on a new adventure. Will she be stung and score a zero, or will she be The Unstung Hero? With beautiful eye-catching illustrations, The Unstung Hero is guaranteed to turn anyone’s sting into sweet honey.
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Olga M.Perez is a published author who spends most of her time writing in rhyme. She believes it captures the reader’s attention because the words gracefully dance and softly hum in perfect harmony. She lives in Rio Grande City, Texas with her husband Derik and has one daughter Desika Luisa. Leticia O. Lopez, illustrator of FRIGHT UNDER THE MOONLIGHT and the Unstung Hero spends most of her time and energy to various organizations in her community. Her new-found passion is drawing/illustrating children’s books. She lives in Rio Grande City, Texas with her husband Leo Lopez Jr. and their three sons Leo III, Luis, and Lisandro. Leo Lopez III is the editor of The Unstung Hero.

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