The Top of the Bottom of the World!
The Top of the Bottom of the World!
A Doctor's Journey to the Highest Point of the South Pole
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Written by the expedition doctor, this is the author's diary from the historic Chinese Antarctic expedition to build Kunlun Station in the middle of the immense Antarctic ice sheet. The expedition team not only had to ascend over four thousand meters at temperatures of sixty Fahrenheit below zero while fighting through snowstorms, they also had to overcome all sorts of difficulties, such as constantly changing plans, impossible loads, discontented construction workers, and low pay. Were they taking crazy risks? Was the expedition a foolish endeavor? The author's account is a vivid, truthful description of this great expedition undertaken by a team of moving individuals who aren't without their flaws and crude, or even sometimes rule-breaking, behavior. It is a story worth reading.
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Mao Yilei was born in Ningbo, China, in March 1964. After having his residency training in Australia, he earned his PhD of surgery at the medical school of Lund University in Sweden and then completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard University. He is currently a surgeon at of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. A frequent traveler and adventurer, Dr. Mao served as the team doctor on the Inland Detachment of the 25th China National Antarctic Research Expedition. He helped build Kunlun Station on Dome A, the highest point in Antarctica, and recorded every detail of his Antarctic adventures on a voice recorder pen.
A good book to know how do people travelling in the inland and working in the most cold area in Antarctica. Very interesting.
Jianxi Cao  
A thrilling story. The straightforward narrative made this an easy read while the vivid recounting of events kept me on the edge of my seat. Although I would say that I am also quite well-traveled, I have never ventured to the South Pole and doubt that I will ever have the opportunity to do so. But it feels like I already have. Reading the book, it was easy to lose myself into the book and imagine that I was part of the team, right beside Dr. Mao and experiencing the same adventures. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for excitement and inspiration from a well-written book. I give it a solid five stars.
Steven Luo 

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