The December angel
The December angel
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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With the blink of an eye, Mariella, a professional writer who once felt she was on top of the world, watches as her life crumbles right before her eyes. The love of her life and her strength, her husband Daniel, a powerful business attorney, was diagnosed with leukemia. After hearing that he collapsed while in his law fi rm’s offi ce, Mariella rushes to be at Daniel’s side. As a writer, Mariella would write month after month in her own Journal¯and during times when she was facing situations as a person that she is trying to become. Mariella and her two young girls watch while Daniel becomes weaker and sicker, struggling each day with a disease that the doctors were unable to cure. All they could do was stand there and watch and make whatever time left to be memorable. As Mariella was trying to keep strong for her husband and two young girls, Cassidy and Ryder, she found herself building a wall to block out her own emotions¯a wall Mariella had put up for strength while dealing with Daniel’s sickness. Faced with the challenges of moving on without him at her side, she tried to keep life normal in New England. After losing Dan, she found that the changes she was making in her life were not enough. It is not that she didn’t want to lose memories of Dan, however, she wanted to wipe off those bad memories, the ones of him becoming weak and sick. Mariella and her two young girls would soon fi nd their new home in a town outside of Nashville, Tennessee, called Golden Oaks. Moving to the South and leaving her northern life behind her, she began running a local bed and breakfast while still writing. Here, she met Brenda, a woman who she became good friends with and who introduced her to Jordan, a man who she would soon consider the new love of her life. Soon fi nding love again with a professional hockey player and also a coach for her daughter’s hockey team, she began to regain the part of her that was missing from her life—love. Mariella started to fi nd happiness, strength, and hope—all of which she had needed after meeting Jordan.
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N.M. Lander is a writer by night and a stay-at-home Mom during daytime. She enjoys cuddling beside a nice roaring fire and plotting out her next stories. She is a family woman who enjoys spending time with her two daughters, aged three and one, and her husband, who is the rock of her life. Natalie takes her experiences in life and those told to her, jotting them down on paper. She loves learning and experiencing new adventures, and if something catches her eyes, she is not afraid to write them down in hopes that they will inspire and be turned into something interesting, creative, and inspiring. December Angel is the first novella written by N.M. Lander; she completed it in May 2013 after her second daughter was born. N.M. Lander is constantly writing and working on new pieces. N.M. Lander lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with husband Marc, her two little girls, and her black Labrador retriever, Kato. She hopes her work will inspire her readers and believes in the messages her books reveal. One important quote she believes in: “Stay true to yourself and be open to change; who knows where your next adventure will lead.”

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