Words to Live By
Words to Live By
How Do You See Your Life?
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In this technological age, being a mathematics teacher has been a rewarding experience for me. Teaching students of all nationalities, and from different folk ways, and moor ways; you become involved in many facets of their lives that require word exchange that affect their lives in various ways.
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Willie E. Williams, PH.D (the ā€œEā€ is for excellent) spent his formative years in the segregated south (Texas); where he was born and raised. His early education was in all black segregated schools through high school, college, and graduate school. His first integrated school was post graduate at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO.ā€”a workshop for high school teachers. I had been the top student in most of my prior classes; but I found out that I had to study a little harder to keep up (harder to stay ahead) in this class of 300 (mostly white) teachers. I finished as one black out four top students in the class. From his education, his teaching, his army experience, and life of speaking; put him in a good position to write: Words to Live By coming from a retired teacher of forty two years of teaching as: a graduate assistant, an elementary teacher, a high school teacher, a college teacher, a federal evaluator of Title 1 School, and College Title IX program.

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