How Can I Tell it All?
How Can I Tell it All?
Book I
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“HOW CAN I TELL IT ALL?” is a doggie picture book that is told by BUDDY, written and photographed by Suzette. “We rescued BUDDY from an Animal Shelter one day before he was to be euthanized, after our service dog, seventeen and a half year old Maltese “Princess” passed away. BUDDY an unknown canine tells his story as he remembers it and as it unfolded itself to my understanding”. BUDDY enters a new life, falls in love with a Jack Russell Terrier named Pixel.

“HOW CAN I TELL IT ALL?” Book 11, is a picture book of BUDDY’S new canine friends, his developed relationships, an exposed secret that ultimately leads to a commited love to Pixel. Book 11, is the story of BUDDY’S and PIXEL’S ELABORATE DOGGY WEDDING.
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Suzette and Charles DeGaetano are retired and live in Leesburg, Florida with Buddy. Buddy is a rescue dog who Suzette and Charles saved after their beloved Princess died. He participates in all the varied activities that Suzette can think of around their home in Central Florida.

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