Surviving the Habit
Surviving the Habit
A Nicotine Addict's Guide to Quitting Smoking
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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The Making of a Smokeless Survivor

Surviving the Habit, a Nicotine Addict’s Guide to Quitting Smoking, is your call to become a smokeless survivor. The program is designed using six narrative chapters each with a corresponding workbook to help tobacco users conquer their craving cycle and quit smoking for good. Your program will begin with desire building work to develop a quitting thought process. You will become familiar with nicotine dependency/tobacco use disorder and the idea of being a nicotine addict.

You will be use tools such as a smoker’s time table and a food intake formula to begin quitting and avoid weight gain. You will develop a relapse prevention plan using five unique concepts and will be given tools to integrate spirituality into your daily life.
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Janice Riley has diligently been a front line provider of mental health and substance abuse services for adults, adolescents and families for 23 years. She also provides seminars for other clinicians. Surviving the Habit, A Nicotine Addict’s Guide to Quitting Smoking is a dynamic educational treatment plan to help people become smokeless survivors utilizing a gradual quit method. Miss Riley began developing these concepts in 1999 as she started to teach people how to quit smoking as part of their mental health/substance abuse therapy. This program helps people realize the truth of nicotine dependency, accept it and treat it for what it is—an addiction. Miss Riley currently practices at both a public and private setting in the Metro Detroit area. As a smokeless survivor herself, she knows the struggle in building a Tobacco Avenue for lifelong recovery. The beauty of recovery is acknowledging our pain, confronting our fears of change, and persevering despite adversity others. Never should we let our past define who we are today or where we are going tomorrow.

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