A Bump In The Road
A Bump In The Road
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This book is one of the dreams and curiosity to see what would happen in my life. My dream and goal was and is to see happy marriages and families. This is why I wrote this book with the hope of helping someone’s marriage and some ones family. I thank my Lord and Savior for the book and I give Him the Glory and the Praise.
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A son of Ezekiel and Lillie Mae Slacks born of 16 children, the number 12. I was reared in a small community called Mystic Ga. This small town where everybody knew everybody and cared for each other. While growing up, we didn’t have the best but we were thankful for what we had. As a close knitted family we were taught how to look out for the one under you. Now that worked out real well. Living in a large family everything worked out well. We say somehow we made it, but it was by the grace of the almighty God. My dad worked on his job for over 25 years at a lumber company and my mother worked on two jobs to help make sure we had what we needed. My mother made sure we all had a meal. She made sure we all had clothes to wear, not many new but we was thankful for what got to wear (hand me down).she made sure we were all in place at night time. My mother worked at the nursing home and a restaurant. My father and mother have gone on to be with the Lord. I always had a vision and dream that I would love to come to past.

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