God Spelled Backwards
God Spelled Backwards
(The Journey of an actress into the world of dog rescue)
Perfect Bound Softcover
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2016 Book Excellence Award Winner
2015 Global Ebook Award Winner
2015 Beverly Hills Book Award Finalist

When newlywed actress Sylva Kelegian shows up at a Manhattan veterinary clinic to walk a rescue dog, a strawberry blonde puppy stumbles down the stairs and into her heart – opening it to the plight of hurt and abandoned dogs everywhere. After a move to Los Angeles with her actor husband, Sylva finds her marriage and burgeoning career challenged by the dramas of good and evil, darkness and light, played out every day in the streets, backyards, and homes of rich and poor pet owners alike. GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS traces Sylva's journey from reluctant New York dog adopter to passionate animal rescuer in Hollywood. Her story reveals what one determined woman can accomplish in the hope that, one day, man's best friend will be treated as such.
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Sylva Kelegian is an actress who has worked on the the New York stage, guest-starred on some of television's most popular dramas, and appeared in feature films. She is the author of THE DOLPHIN PRINCESS, a children's book. Sylva lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Jude Ciccolella, and their dogs, Mazie, Nate, and Shadow.

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