JMSALFR, The Coming Volume II
JMSALFR, The Coming Volume II
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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In volume 2 Jmsalfr continues his journey as he looks for means that will give him an advantage as he awaits the ultimate confrontation with his adversary, the mod1. All of his investigation has verifi ed to him that the mod1 is still entrapped in the ice at the Antarctica. During Jmsalfr many encounters and adventures with Earth people, he has discovered the existence of a superior orchestrator of human destiny. This precipitated his engaging in a fi erce battle with the orchestrator in his attempt to protect and allow humans to be the ultimate Creator of their destiny.
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Johnnie Adams was born in South Carolina where he grew up until the age of eighteen. He went to College in North Carolina where he received his B.S. Degree in Biology. He then moved to the Los Angeles area where he has resided ever since. He has always been intrigued of writing about a hero born from his Industry Medical Technology. After retiring, he has focused on his passion, writing this book, a first in the Jmsalfr Series.

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