Love and Let Live
Love and Let Live
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This book, although mostly autobiographical, is written with the intent to appeal to all of those (parents, teachers, counselors, friends, etc.) who are involved in providing for the well-being of children with any kind of disability, stressing the need to focus on abilities rather than disabilities.

It relates life experiences in which the author was able to benefit from the positive and encouraging attitudes of her various mentors.
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Barbara Burton was born in Halifax Nova Scotia, into a large family in 1938.Her father was of French origins and mother had English and Irish ancestors. She and a couple older siblings had a condition known as albinism which involved lack of pigmentation and some visual difficulties, necessitating her attendance at a residential school for the blind for the first ten years of her academic education. She then attended a public high school, university and post graduate school of social work and thereafter had a thirty-two year career as a hospital social work. No retired, she remains involved with organizations providing service to others in need.

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