New Day, New Dreams
New Day, New Dreams
Perfect Bound Softcover
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New Day, New Dreams takes the reader on a romantic ride of happiness, heartbreak, and passion, along with exploring struggles in life, while being inspired to move forward. Adding humor and laughter to the mix is a delightful reprieve from heartbreak and hurt. This collection of poetry is a beautiful reminder of long lasting love, new beginnings, and showing appreciation of the special people in our lives.
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Lauren Scott (L. Scott) began writing poetry at the age of 16 and she continues to use it as an outlet to express her thoughts. She has been sharing her writing for the last two years through her poetry blog, She resides in Northern California with her husband, her two children, and her chocolate lab, Copper.
Lauren Scott is a talented poet who explores her observations, thoughts, emotions, sensuality and spirituality in a variety of forms and through beautiful word play, deep feeling, wit and even playfulness. She offers poetry from her moments and memories; its subjects range from her love for her parents, sisters, husband, children and beloved dog, to reflections on rainy days and Mondays, sunrises, aging, walking through nature and along beaches, and even coffee –and that doesn’t begin to cover it all! This is a collection of verse that is grateful, optimistic, romantic, nostalgic, inspirational, motivational and amusing, by a poet who writes from the heart and a sense of what is truly important in life. I have followed Lauren’s blog for some time now and this special book just confirms my suspicions: she is always writing poems and although ‘Inspiration has its own timing/and it’s not always perfectly aligning’, she rarely lets her muse slip away unexploited. Highly recommended to touch your heart, move your spirit, and make you cry and smile.
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Perfect Bound Softcover
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