The One and Only Face of Islam
The One and Only Face of Islam
It’s a Good Face
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Women’s rights as best and civilized as it gets and everything about Islam from some of Prophet Mohammed’s biography to the importance of science in Islam and animal rights. Muslims worship God. The God—in Arabic, Allah. Muslims worship the Creator—God of Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. About only 20 percent of Muslims in the world are Arabs. Islam is not the religion of Arabs; nor are all Arabs Muslims. Many Arabs are Jews and Christians, and they also say Allah referring to God: The God. Muslims are the believers; in the Qur’an, God called followers of Islam the believers because they believe in all God’s prophets, books, messages, and religions. The believers—or, as called today, Muslims—proudly name their children Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and other names of God’s prophets. Out of all the women that came in the Qur’an, the Virgin Mary is the only woman named by name in the Qur’an. Muslims also proudly named many of their daughters Mary. All stages of pregnancy are described in the Qur’an. More than 1,400 years ago, God gave pregnant women a free ultrasound to picture and to know what’s going on inside them . . . and much more. Some must-know key factors about Islam; women’s rights as best and civilized as it gets; some of Prophet Mohammed’s biography, science in Islam, and animal rights.
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Ghazi is a devout Muslim and enjoys the great religion of Islam. He is a proud Muslim who wants to share with the world his pride of being a Muslim. He believes in Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and all God's prophets, and books and messages which make him a believer. He believes followers of Islam are the believers-not just to one religion but to all God's religions. In truth Ghazi didn't know much nor observed much about his religion until recently and started learning and deeply researching about it to catch up, and was amazed about what he learned and immediately wanted to share with the world what makes him a proud Muslim.

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