Poetry from the Heart
Poetry from the Heart
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book contains over twenty-eight different types of poetry, with explanations and examples of each type. Many of my poems are romantic, such as “My Beloved,” “Ode to Melissa,” “To Love a Woman,” “My Heart’s Desire,” “Love,” and “My Love.” While others are inspirational, like “Forgiveness,” “Hope,” “The Seven Virtues,” “Empathy,” and “Kindness.” Still others are philosophical in nature, such as my poems “Living,” “True Freedom,” “Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings,” and “The State of the Economy.” My kyrielle poem “Life” could be said to be both inspirational and philosophical. Some of my poems are educational, like “The Benefits of Reading,” which extols the virtues of reading, and “To Be Young Again,” which talks about nutrition and exercise. Some are family-oriented poems, such as my poem “Little Bit,” which I wrote for my niece Kristin, or “Camping with Younger Brother,” which I wrote for my brother Craig, or “Little Child,” which I wrote for all the little ones in the world. Other poems are devoted to nature—like my “Froggy,” “Turtle,” “Tornado,” and “Mother Nature” poems—or to mankind in general, such as “Earth on Which We Live” and “True Happiness.” And others were written with some fun in mind, like the poem “Nude” I wrote in response to an online contest to rhyme the last word in each line with the word nude. (“Birthday Lesson” is another fun poem like this.) I also did a series of seven poems on each of “the seven deadly sins,” where I used archaic language to spoof each of these “sins,” which unfortunately often plague mankind. I truly hope you will enjoy reading the poems contained in this book.
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I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, who recently graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a minor in Finance. I have written poetry during various periods in my life. And in the spring and summer of 2011--due to certain experiences I had while at college and people I met, and enhanced further by an online poetry class I took--I became inspired to write poetry once again. I completed over 50 poems, during this time. After finishing my senior year at college in the summer of 2012, I updated many of these poems, and wrote many additional poems. I have included 70 of my poems in this book. I am a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and make my living from my writing and working in the Customer Service field. I enjoy reading and writing poetry and short stories in my spare time.

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