The Tale of a Hunter
The Tale of a Hunter
An Autobiography
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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In my lifetime I have harvested over two hundred deer and many other animals and birds, and that doesn’t even count the fish species from coast to coast. I want to leave something to my family to remember me by. As of now, I have five grandkids that are somewhat interested in what I do. They show interest in the shooting sports and archery and fishing. With the fishing, they all have mounted fish I did for them on their walls. I do not push any children into hunting unless they approach me or their parents. My oldest granddaughter showed interest in archery, so when she graduated grammar school, I bought her first recurve bow. Right now she shows no interest in hunting, and that’s perfectly OK. My oldest grandson just joined the Boy Scouts and has shot rifles and shot compound bows and now is interested in a compound bow. Last year he asked to go turkey hunting, and I hope he enjoyed the experience. And we didn’t kill anything. We already picked out the bow. My three younger grandchildren—two are eight-year-olds and one is nine-year-old—are interested in target shooting the BB gun and archery shooting. They go for hikes with me to look for shed antlers. All my grandchildren are interested in fishing and all-around activities. My journey will continue to hone their skills in archery and firearms, and hopefully, they might be interested in hunting. My journey is far from over, God willing.
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Harold Ash has been hunting for over fifty years, starting at the age of eight. Throughout the years, he has spread his knowledge to his daughters, sons-in-law, and eventually, his grandchildren. He resides in a small town in Connecticut with his wife, Angel, and an eight-year-old shih tzu named Bella. Every Sunday, Harold (commonly known as Jody) is either teaching his only granddaughter how to shoot a bow or shooting bullets into cans with his four grandsons. His adventures in nature stretch from Connecticut to the national parks in the West, up into Canada, and even into the heart of Alaska. As his time goes on, he lives to tell the many stories of his adventures to his large family, and these stories will be passed down from generation to generation. Take a look inside Jody’s world in The Tale of a Hunter: An Autobiography.

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