But Can Bring Eternal Gain
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This book is a credit to Jesus Christ, who sustained the author through repeated and prolonged abuses of unmentionable proportions for several decades. The #1 purpose of this book is to glorify Jesus who is the Great Physician of impossible shatters, abuse, and heart-shreds, even amid emotional comatose and poly-fragmented dissociation. The #2 purpose of the book is to identify with the broken, rejected, and abused and to commend you all for your strength and survival. It is written as a voice for all the survivors of abuse and for those who may be currently trapped as a victim. It is written as a source of inspiration to offer hope to those who are on the healing journey, or desire to begin this journey to hope, healing, and freedom. The #3 purpose of the book is as a resource for those who are open-minded enough to be willing to learn how to understand and help the broken and abused and receive a deeper comprehension of the realities they face. We cannot correctly represent Jesus if we cannot see the abused and brokenhearted through His eyes and heart. When we truly see them through His heart and eyes, we will be propelled into compassionate action just as Jesus was. This book addresses and gives hope for abuse issues and aftermath on every level that many may prefer to shove under the carpet. This includes not only the various abuses out there but some of the aftermath such as extreme emotional agony, suicide, dissociation, rejection, PTSD, and satanic bondage. The enemy of our soul loves darkness and delights to feed on the unresolved anguish and footholds that are buried in his closets. With God’s help, the enemy and his tactics must be exposed and those whom he has wounded and/or holds captive must be freed, for he is defeated through the blood of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ!  
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Jesus Christ is the sole reason that there is an author to this book. She is alive only because during all the thirty some years of suffering various and repeated abuses by more than twelve different people, Christ was afflicted with her and the Angel of His Presence saved her. Doctors, policemen, and counsellors could not believe she had survived everything and, with tears in their eyes, gave God the credit for her survival. The author is a single mother of four children residing in Ontario, Canada. She grew up at the foot of the Rockies, where her victimizations began as a young child and ended when God, through some pastors, rescued her from domestic violence. Throughout her growing up years, from age 4 to 20, she suffered from uncontrolled epilepsy, which produced three to twenty seizures per day, when on medication. A 12-½ hour brain surgery in 1988 corrected the seizures and also the life-threatening twenty-four–hour depression that each seizure produced. One of her diagnosing physicians (trauma specialist in psychiatry) noted her as the most damaged individual he had ever come across in all his years of practice. It was his diagnoses that started her journey to hope, help, and healing. Although she was acclaimed to be only as a walking corpse when true Christian help arrived in 2002, yet she is the first to proclaim from the mountaintops that there is abundant hope and healing through Jesus Christ for every type and degree of abuse sustained! “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

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