College Admissions for the other 95%
College Admissions for the other 95%
A Guide to the School Counseling Office (from a Director of School Counseling)
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is written to be a user-friendly guide to the school counselor's office. Like the first tour of the school library, it is meant to show the user how to find information on any subject they need to be successful in the college admissions process. The reader can select the topic(s) of most interest to them as they need them, or they can read the entire book.

Most college admissions books are geared for those 5 percent of students interested in the most competitive colleges. This book is focused on the other 95 percent who are looking at an array of colleges.

Dr. Rich has worked as a teacher, school counselor, and administrator for over twenty years in both public and private (urban and suburban) schools in both the West and the Northeast. He has also worked as an Assistant Vice President for ACT, Inc. He has spent several years working with college admissions representatives to learn what preparation is most helpful for students to be successful in their college admissions journey. He and his wife (Alexis) have two students who have gone to college, as well as a high school senior and a seventh-grade student.

He attended the University of Utah, earning a BS in psychology (minoring in math) and an MEd in educational psychology. He earned a PhD in educational administration from the University of Connecticut. He has been invited to speak at several local, state, and national conferences, as well as to large and small groups on many different facets of the college application process.

Dr. Rich has written this book to guide others who are on or helping someone with the college-admissions-process journey to make it smoother and easier (and, perhaps, even fun!).

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