Great! You Lost Your Job, Now Find Your Life!
Great! You Lost Your Job, Now Find Your Life!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you are not waking up every day in love with your life, it is time to make a change. If you are not in love with the person you are with, if you are not in love with your job, if you are not in love with the station you inhabit, you must realize that you are staying out of fear. A fear of the unknown. You probably think these things are your safety net, but they are not. They are your leash. The leash that is holding you back from your happiness and truly experiencing life. It would be the words that my younger brother shared with me, “Great! You lost your job, now find your life,” on the day I was terminated from my job that would inspire me to write this book. I wanted to keep a journal of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas every day until I was employed again. One day turned into a week, a week turned into a month, and a month would eventually turn into a year. It would be that year that would change my life forever. I was forced to face the reality of who I had become. I was able to manage to become a somewhat-successful person in life without becoming a complete person. Without truly knowing myself. My hope is that this book lands in your hands when you need it most. I think our priorities are all wrong. We are chasing wealth and material things, thinking those are what will give us a fulfilling existence. We are wrong, and it is time for each of us to find our life. —Lloyd Hopkins
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Lloyd Hopkins grew up on the west side of Phoenix, graduating from Maryvale High School in 1997. It was the experiences that he encountered as a youth in Maryvale that he would turn into songs and a budding rap career as he performed under the alias Atllas. He would channel the angst of being an inner-city youth with aspirations of making something out of himself into a sonic landscape that would land him local acclaim and national attention. Though his rap career was promising, it never quite took off the way he imagined. So as he pursued stardom, he always kept a consistent job as a plan B. The majority of Lloyd’s work experience has been in community and nonprofit work, with an emphasis on children. Today, he is a married father of two, a graduate of Arizona State University Lodestar Center’s Nonprofit Leadership and Management Certificate Program, and holds an associate of science from Phoenix College.

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