Women of a Certain Age
Women of a Certain Age
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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“Women of a Certain Age” is the story told by each of four women in a retirement community who have dinner at the same table every day. Maggie, a retired librarian, was married for many years to a psychiatrist who had been recommended to her by an Emergency doctor treating Maggie when she had been attacked by four men on her way to the bus stop one day after the library closed. Her friend Laura, a journalist at the town’s daily newspaper, too her to her doctor’s appointment the following afternoon and their friendship lasts through marriage, children and the death of their husbands. They both enter the same retirement community. Zoe, a healthcare professional specializing in massage therapy, is a strong intuitive and meeting the women as a newcomer to the retirement community, she livens up the conversations during dinner and becomes an interesting addition to the friendship bond the women have formed. The fourth woman to become part of that bond, Bethanne, has come from a women’s shelter for abused women after she finally had the courage to leave her husband. Together, the four women become fast friends and decide to create an appropriate form of punishment for the abusive husband who is leading a life of luxury, decadence and women. He has several off-shore bank accounts which the four women plan to break into helped by an influential friend, thereby bankrupting the man to prevent him from victimizing other women for the rest of his life.
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Lydia Ott was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and was raised with four siblings. She graduated from High School and an international secretarial institute emphasizing proficiency in English, French, German languages. As a fabric coordinator for a major fiber company, she married John Ott, a Civil Engineer, and combined her work and travel time until her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away in 1980 and Lydia retired from the company. Three months later she reconnected with her longtime friend Henk Wackwitz in Van Alstyne, Texas where Henk had built a home on 30 acres of land. Three months later Lydia moved and lived there for twenty-two years before Henk passed away in 2002. Lydia relocated to Austin, Texas in 2005 where her son Michael Scholten lived. After five years she moved to Florida where her daughter and her family resided. Together they found an ideal retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens and Lydia still resides there to date.

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