ROXANNE of Dark Energy
ROXANNE of Dark Energy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In the US Army’s, Field Manual of Electronic Warfare in Operations (FM 3-36), it states that: Hardware is described as Computers, Relay Stations, Circuits, Radios, Scanners and other things of their ilk. Software is described as the Programs used to Direct the Operations of the Hardware, to function within a command control system. Wetware is described as the Personnel that operate or maintain the Command Control System. It doesn’t say why the Pentagon gave Wetware the name it is. I can only use my imagination and assume that Wetware is what happens when People have Anti-Radiation Missiles shot at them. The other fact is that the Human Body is 98 % water. Only the Pentagon could coin a phrase with such an innocent content but has such devastating effect. In Today’s Internet Based Environment it rings with a larger intent. It also assumes that Hardware is easier to replace then Wetware. It is also along this same vein, that Roxanne of Dark Energy has been constructed.
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Dean Marquis was born on September 6, 1961. This makes a Virgo. The sign of Virgo is the Virgin. He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and went to University at Lakehead in Thunder Bay where he got his Diploma in Business Administration. He served in the Primary Reserves during University and still believes that the Reserves are a great job for University Students. He has been taking the Martial arts since 1987 and will be taking it for the rest of his life. He is a Contract Security Guard and thinks that Unions are the only way to go with Contract Security. He has a Black Cat named Yojimbo which is his friend for life. This is first work of Science Fiction. Is first work is The Art of Strategy Dean Marquis and is available in Hard Cover and on E book. The sequel to Roxanne of Dark Energy is currently underway. The Assault continues...

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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