Living Artists of Today
Living Artists of Today
Contemporary Art. Vol.II
Casebound Hardcover
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Living Artists of Today: Contemporary Art is a resource for art professionals – gallery owners, art collectors, art publishers, museums and other art institutions around the world. This, the second edition of the book series takes the viewer through a visual journey of discovery and enjoyment of artwork by artists who live and work both next door to us and around the world, they share similar life experiences and moments in history, technological breakthroughs, economic hardships, tragedy and happiness of today’s fast paced world. Expressing oneself creatively and making an impact on the world while at the same time trying to make a living can be challenging and throughout history, artists have been known to face and overcome obstacles that this profession can bring.This book is a tribute to those artists who never give up their dreams, passions, ability to feel, live, love and experience joy. They create an extraordinary collection of art, capturing our life and displaying it through their prism of artistic vision to share with the rest of the world.Living Artists of Today is a great example of the recognition of the artist. We are immensely proud and honored to publish these works and help bring these artists to the forefront and share with the world the work of these talented artists. Each artist published in this book has an Online Gallery on the Art & Beyond Publications website with a biography and direct contact information to the artists at View. Enjoy.
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