An Inspired Life
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An Inspired Life
31 Daily Readings
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Deon Ruiters unpacks ,in 31 daily readings how to find inspiration in everyday, he covers themes such as: the Creator has faith in is creation, Time is no man’s servant, The way back is further than the way forward, Live confidently and Inspired Living leads to Leadership. The book is written in such a way that its readers find inspiration in everything around them because they are intrinsically link to our ultimate inspiration Jesus Christ. Deon believes that every Christian has been called to, firstly lead himself, secondly, his family and thirdly people. Because he sees a strong link between inspired living and leadership, included in the book is 31 leadership foundation statements. These are by no means and exhaustive list but it forms part of that list.
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Deon Ruiters is a South African now living in the UK. He is a Leadership and Management Consultant, Coach and Motivational Speaker with a real passion for people development. As a Christian, Deon loves nothing more than inspiring and developing potential in people. Deon finds inspiration in his own life growing up on the Cape Flats of South Africa under the Apartheid regime. Deon was born in Cape Town and grew up in Manenberg (once known as the most dangerous place in the world). With very few things to draw inspiration from, becoming a Christian at an early age was to become a catalyst for him, recognising that God is the ultimate inspiration and that 'we are not poor because of poverty but that we are in poverty because we are poor'.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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