Playing With Your Dog
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Playing With Your Dog
Have a Smarter, Fitter, Healthier Dog
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The first things we learn are learnt through playing - it’s the same for your dog. Dogs love to play, it’s how they learn to survive, build relationships and bond with their owners. For dogs, their enthusiasm for play never stops; they love new games and challenges throughout their lifetime. Playing with your dog, even for just ten minutes, provides much needed mental and physical stimulation, allows your dog to use his natural behaviours in a positive way and boost your pet’s cognitive skills. Playing With Your Dog is packed with game ideas and tricks that test your dog’s problem solving skills, has suggestions for making your own dog toys, as well as top tips on ensuring playtime stays safe. As our four-legged friends are playful throughout their lives, this book provides game ideas for every stage of your pet’s life, from pup to pensioner. Playing With Your Dog is a must have read for all dog owners who want a smarter, fitter and happier dog.
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Hanne Grice helps pet owners who are experiencing problems with their dogs, reviewing between 100 to 200 cases annually. Hanne writes for a number of publications and runs an award winning pet cbehaviour company, Walk the Dog, that offers a range of services from behaviour therapy, dog training and puppy classes. Hanne lives in Hertfordshire with her partner, young baby, Howard the dog and four cats, George, Evie, Luka and Jupiter. Visit Ellen Tozer is a professional artist who draws upon the lighter side of life for inspiration. She lives in Leicestershire with her husband, cat and very happy Basset Hound, Jefferson. You can see more of Ellen’s quirky designs at

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