Our Educational Experience In The Big Ten Acre Park
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Our Educational Experience In The Big Ten Acre Park
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This book “Our Educational Experience In The big Ten Acre Park.” It shows how four children spent some days in a big park doing their homework and researched on the wildlife in the park. They had a great time and communicated very well. This book describes how they were watch over by their guardian angels when danger came near. But it shows nature is a very important part of a young persons life and they could achieve such a good time.
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I am Anastasia Nash who is the author of “Our Educational Experience In The Big Forty Acre Zoo”. The pictures are hand drawn by Megan Bell who is 13 years old. This book is a good education for young children from the ages of eight years old to twelve. In this book it explains all about wild animals in the zoo. Their lives living in the rainforests and how they can live longer when they are held in captivity. This book also teaches children to be very kind to animals and never hurt any animal as they have feelings just like us humans. Animals are always our friends. It also describes each animal and how they approach people. In this book there were four children having an educational experience and doing general research.

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