Knights of Abador
Knights of Abador
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Knights of Abador is the first instalment of the ‘Tales of the Knights Xemplar’ trilogy. It tells the story of Lucian, a 17- year-old farm boy who accidentally witnesses the kidnapping of Princess Rhiana of Abador by the blood-lusting Galyaks. But he arrives at the walled-city to tell of what he has witnessed to find High King Ocwan – having been deceived into thinking it was the neighbouring Huskenbachs that have taken his daughter—has already set sail for Varnia with the army. In the High King’s stead Abador is under the rule of his new chief consul, Nikobar. But Nikobar is a Symian sorcerer who is in league with the Galyaks, and has arranged for Princess Rhiana to be abducted in order to bring about a war between Kalimar’s two strongest kingdoms. For once Abador and Varnia have all but destroyed each other, the Galyak Warlord Salakhan will be free to launch an invasion. Nikobar has no intention of allowing a simple farm boy to ruin his carefullylaid plans and sends assassins to murder Lucian, but they are foiled in the attempt by Sir Amicob of the legendary Knights Xemplar. In a race against time, Lucian and Sir Amicob, together with his fellow Knight Xemplar, Sir Kulos, set out from Abador for only by uniting the Knights Xemplar will they have any chance of rescuing Princess Rhiana and saving Abador.
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