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It is the year 2130 and the sporting entertainment business has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of basketball, baseball, and even boxing. All traditional sports have disappeared and in the mass technological age, the only interest in the public’s eyes is Arena. A no holds barred fighting championship, Arena has spread throughout the earth like wild fire. The Arena Empire is run by the new owner General Drober, an ambitious and avaricious man who wants to change the face of the industry. He believes the viewing public wants to see more intense fighting; there is a real blood lust. But Drober’s plan could not easily come into fruition. Standing in his way is the ageing champion, Zodiac. A contract between the two of them also seems to be a stumbling point. Zodiac needs to complete his one hundredth fight; General Drober needs him to lose and he needs to eradicate anybody in the industry that knows about ‘the contract’, as well.A fighter with very few allies—only his chief medical officer Millie gives him any real support—, Zodiac must be determined in fulfilling his destiny and make the contract come to light. Will the strength of his body, wisdom of his mind, and sincerity of his heart be able to do this? Or will the tyrannical reign of General Drober become the reality of the future? Readers will find out as pulse-racing, heart-stopping events unfold in the pages of ARENA: End of an Era.

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MLBladd graduated with a BA hons degree major in History and a minor in Sports studies, he also has a post graduate diploma in Radio production and writing for the media. MLBladd takes much of his inspiration from his everyday life, from his loved ones, through his work, friends, colleagues and members of the public. At present he is working through publication of ‘Trouble with Bea’ and other titles including ‘The Guide’, ‘Cancer6’, ‘The Rebellious Sons’, ‘Weekend with Sibby’ and ‘The Mr Chicken Experiment’. MLBladd is also putting together a series of short graphic style novels that he hopes to launch on their own website.

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