Reflections on Our Independence
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Reflections on Our Independence
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Sierra Leone was granted full status as an Independent member country of the British Commonwealth on 26th April 1961. In April 1971 it became a Republican State. As it celebrates 50 years of life as an independent nation feelings are mixed as to how successful, or progressive things have turned out to be; but celebrate we must. The author has, therefore taken the opportunity to encapsulate in a semi-fictional Trilogy some random thoughts of ordinary people who still think of the good old days, as they wrestle with the continuing difficulties being experienced in the ordinary aspects of daily life, as we strive for a better future.
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The Author served at RAF Khormaksar in Aden from July 1965 – June 1967 where these letters were written As a precursor, on 27February 1963, he wrote to his then girlfriend these words that have proved her lasting, and favourite quote: [Dear Gloria neigh Patience, How time flies! “These days one needs to muster all the vigilance possible to keep abreast of the ever escaping minutes and days”. When I promised to write to you over the phone on Monday, I really meant to get down and do it that evening, but one thing led to another, and here am I now on Wednesday still trying to do it!] Later that year, they were to have a serious row that threw them apart for the next two years until he decided to renew contact by writing the enclosed amazing letter on 3rd December 1965. The rest is History!

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