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The need for Afrikan mind regeneration and spiritual reawakening A people who have lost these two principal inner qualities of mind can hardly find their through selves in life. This book is an attempt to begin the processes of African self-rediscovery. The ending of slavery and colonialism removed only our physical agony, but the trauma of long and extended torture left deep rooted anguish within the psyche of African race. The effects of this imprint legacy will continue until we start addressing these negative effects. In an effort to do this, the book has provided several suggestions. Some of the program are being provided at the Institute of Mind Talk Afrika.
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Dr. Lumumba Umunna Ubani Bsc. MBA. PhD. ND. HOM. PGD. Ed Born in 1955 at Umuaghara, Ogbe, Imo State of Nigeria, Dr. Ubani came to Britain in at a tender age in 1963. Like most self-made Africans from humble families of ordinary means, he did all sorts of odd jobs to fi nance his education. He attended Vauxhall College in West London and Wands worth college in South London for his GCE ordinary and Advanced Levels. He attended Hendon College of Technology in North London; Elizabeth Gaskell college of Education in Manchester England. He earned Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Institutional Management. Pursuing further interest, he studied at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and obtained PGC in Homeopathy and African Traditional Medicine. Dr. Ubani further went to the universities of New Hampshire and Western Colorado in the United States and obtained Bsc; MBA and PhD with special interest in Hospitality and Tourism Human Behavior. He has carried out an independent Research Study in various African countries to survey the effects of imperial imprint legacy among the African Citizenry. He has had extensive experience and exposure in various areas of education, administration, commerce and industry. He had worked in America, in Britain, in Nigeria, Ghana and in Ivory Coast. As a senior Principal Lecturer, he headed the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Federal Polytechnic in Kogi state Nigeria. He was in charge of Medicament Naturel Africain Clinique in Abidjan. He is the director of Beckman Naturopathic Medicine Limited in Britain. He is a consultant on Tourism Management and Human Resources Development. Dr. is a speaker on various aspects of African Life: The Afrikan family and the place of African women in History. He is a guest speaker at the Big Interview on the Black History Month at the OBE on-going Television Show. Dr. Ubani is the founder and the Rector of the Afrikan Institute. He has been the co-ordinator of Anglo-African Cultural Society in Britain for more than fi ve years. He is the author of Preventive Therapy in Complementary Medicine; He is also The Author of the African Mind Reconnection and Spiritual Reawakening.

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