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Voices in the Mind
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Voices in the Mind is a miscellany of thirteen stories on a wide diversity of themes, each representing a separate “voice” in the mind of the author. The first half of the book comprises twelve pieces of typical short story length. These lead into the second half, which is taken up by the novella Then there was Harvey. This is a saga about a rather wicked but ultimately lovable schoolboy who finds himself possessed of a unique kind of power that enables him to inflict a rare and potentially deadly form of torture upon the persons of the forces of authority at his alma mater. Amongst the selection you will find humour, drama, suspense, irony and moments of almost heart-breaking pathos.
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R M (“Rusty”) Jarmain is a retired forester who abandoned the trees in answer to the call of the world-famous surf of Jeffreys Bay on the South-Eastern coast of South Africa. The only actual surfing that he does, however, is on the monitor screen of his desktop computer, which he also uses to play Freecell and Spider Solitaire and to compose the odd short story, article or snippet of poetry – mostly in light-hearted vein but now and then really quite serious. Voices in the Mind is his first venture into the realm of authorship and brings to culmination a dream that was born at the age of seven, upon being awarded a big red star for his first attempt at creative writing.

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