Dollars & Diamonds
Dollars & Diamonds
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Author Paris Jean dares anyone to read Dollars & Diamonds, a beautiful and engaging book packed with a perfect fusion of hilarious, serious, sensual, happy, sad, and shocking events introduced by three of its terrific characters—Jean, Tammy, and Bobette.

These characters will take readers on a journey into their hilarious world To follow their interesting life's, learn about their relationships, experience their exciting affairs, and feel the excitement and different feelings of their great adventures. Throughout this book, readers will explore more into their world where diverse occurrences happen as these characters live each day of their lives.

Filled with terrific characters and an absorbing storyline, Dollars & Diamonds is one memorable read everyone will enjoy.
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Paris Jean lives in Brighton, this is where it all began. It is where The Three Trios Jean, Tammy and Bobette were formed. In the first book Dollars & Diamonds you entered into their lives and were walked through many highs and lows of a life filled with nothing but Dollars & Diamonds. And now awaiting you is The Sequel Liquid Diamonds. Here Jean and Bobette will take you with them to escape into another world. One full of many laughs and one even more shocking than Dollars & Diamonds. Enjoy the journey.
a great read, very funny book, hard to put down, lots going on, would highly recommend
K French  
The book, Dollars and Diamonds, is about the amazing journey of Jean, Tammy and Bobette. It takes you through a roll coaster of laughter, emotions, insights, and at times , shock, utter shock. The book has been written in a very light style, and it's almost like the author is sitting next to you and talking to you. It's really soothing after a long hard day at work to make a hot cup of cocoa and pick up this book. But it comes with a warning. You won't be able to put it down once you pick it up. I finished it in one sitting, couldn't sleep without getting to the end, and had to turn the page.

I personally loved the writing style of the author, Paris Jean. she makes you visualise what's happening with every line. You can actually see, in your head, Jean dreaming of Joel. You can imagine on her face, the disappointment, the determination and the joy.

And Bobette ! You cannot resist falling in love with her ! She is charming, helpful and downright crazy. You fall in love with her antics.

I'd love to read the sequel to Dollars and Diamonds as soon as possible. I've already recommended the book to two of my friends. For anyone who loves humor and real plots, Dollars and Diamonds is a must, because the language is easy, the story is hilarious, and the narration is super crazy. All in all, the book spells the start of a perfect weekend.
SG Singla  

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