Footprints in the Mind
Footprints in the Mind
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Footprints in the Mind is a collection of short stories in two parts. I was tempted to call the stories Footprints in the Sand, but on reflection I realized that footprints in sand do not last very long whereas the "footprints" I wish to describe are embedded in my mind. I hasten to add, however, that the stories are fictional. I probably have met some people like those in the stories and perhaps at some subconscious level they are real but my stories are a work of fiction. I cannot honestly say where they come from. They seem to pop up out of nowhere.
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James Bourke comes from Dublin. He is a retired university lecturer. He has been involved in English language teaching and teacher education for 30 years at the University of Tripoli, Libya; the University of Bahrain; Portobello College, Dublin; and, the University of Brunei. He trained as a primary school teacher at De La Salle Teacher Training College, Waterford (Dip. Ed). He is a graduate of the National University of Ireland (BA), the University of Essex (MA, Applied Linguistics) and Trinity College Dublin (PhD). A summary of his doctorate thesis on linguistic problem-solving has been published as on Occasional Paper by Trinity College Dublin. His special field is teaching English as a second language and training English language teachers. He has published over 50 academic papers, 4 monographs, and 6 textbooks on language issues. Being a happily divorced man, he has rather belatedly turned his attention to creative writing. Under the Alien Sky is his first novel. He has also written short stories and drama for television. Those who wish to know more about Dr. Bourke may access his website on

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