Upon Delilah’s Knees
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Upon Delilah’s Knees
A Serious Call to Christian Holiness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Are you tired of being enslaved to sin? Are you fed up with the fruit of ungodliness and iniquity in your life? Do you long for a true, ‘above-average’ Christian life of holiness and consecration to God? If so, Upon Delilah’s Knees is what you seek! This exciting book presents to you, dear reader, unrefined biblical holiness, showing you not just theory about but also practical steps to living holily and being set apart for God, and shows you how to draw closer to God. Whosoever immerses himself in this book will never come out living the same way as before!
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Francis N. Agyin-Asare, originally from Ghana, but residing in the UK, is an Undergraduate Business Management and French student at the University of Surrey, Guildford. He is a polyglot whose gift God has been using to affect lives in different parts of the world, mainly through his presentation of the Gospel in the different languages, and also by the demonstration of God’s healing and delivering power. Reaching his generation with the purifying fire of God is his ardent desire. Francis is the second of Dr. Charles Agyinasare’s three blessed and inspiring children, who share Francis’ passion for this generation.

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